33rd ortho cone 2019 in lahore pakistan from multan by dr khalil ahmad gill

33rd Ortho-Con 2019 in Pakistan

33rd ortho con in Pakistan city Lahore

Now wait is over the largest and international event 33rd ortho con 2019 in orthopedic segment is starting in upcoming days in Lahore. Whole event is organize for the doctor of orthopedics. There are different orthopedics new diseases are discuss in details. Lahore most beautiful city in term of hospitality for that it is selecting. Lahore best hosteling. Where they can stay and live.

33rd Ortho Con

33rd orthocon lahore pakistan 2019
33rd orthocon lahore pakistan 2019


For this event the best hotel in Lahore is selecting. P.C hotel is centrally air-condition. Most maintained hotel and its luxury rooms which give comfortably to its guests for discussion. There is every aspect is discuss with doctor’s for selecting this hotel. Cooking is good everyone choose P.C hotel for time spend.

pc hotel lahore for 33rd Ortho COn
pc hotel lahore for 33rd Ortho COn


In the center of November the whole event is play in PC hotel. Days are to be between 17 to 14 of November 2019

Theme of 33rd Ortho Cone:

The journey from convention to innovation


The main agenda is to be discuss from the most potential orthopedic doctor khalil ahmad Gill. He is participating as the chair man of the whole event. Currently he is doing work in the city hospital Multan as a consultant orthopedic Surgeon doctor.

Message from Dr.Khalil Ahmad Gill

Dear Friends and colleagues,
First all we are welcome to the important and valuable event.
I am thankful to Allah Almighty to inform you that Multan has the opportunity to hold 33rd International Pak Orthocon 2019. This scientific conference is organize from Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (POA) . Starting this event from 14 – 17th November, 2019 in Hotel Pearl Continental, Lahore. The theme of the conference is – “Journey from convention to innovation”.

The Scientific Committee of the 33rd International Pak Orthocon 2019 has the pleasure of inviting your scientific work for the conference. It is to submit a full manuscript along-with the abstract. To facilitate this, and as an incentive to researchers, we have made an elaborative arrangement with JPOA (Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association) a HEC recognized Journal, to publish a special edition for our approved manuscripts, that should be available online. I would encourage all the faculty members and residents to come forward and submit their manuscript at May 30th, 2019. We all are sure this conference provide us an opportunity to unveil the recent advances. Researches are carry out in the field of Orthopaedic at Pakistan.

There are all type of information and different view points are discuss in details.

Hope to have an amazing conference in Lahore and looking forward to seeing your scientific works.

Dr Khalil ahmad Gil 33rd Ortho Con 2019 in Lahore
Dr Khalil ahmad Gil 33rd Ortho Con 2019 in Lahore

With best regards

Prof. Khalil Ahmed Gill
Chairman Organizing Committee
Pak Orthocon 2019

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