Cardio-Con 2019 In Pakistan

CardioCon 2019

49th cardiology (Cardio Con) Conference is going to be held in the serene hotel Islamabad at 22-to-24 November in which all major issues related to Cardiology is to be discussed in details,

In Cardio Con event the Major Role is to be played by Armed Force Hospital Rawalpindi for the cardiology and heart diseases.

Cardio Con is a conference that is arranged by Medical professional who are doing work in Cardiology Segment

This event is held for the latest updates in the medical field related to heart and lung diseases in the Pakistan

This year 2019 Cardio Con is to be held in Rawalpindi in serene hotel, there all medical related professional persons are to be invited to execute this activity to spread the knowledge about the different cardiac sequences which are to be faced by them in the day to day life of their clinical activities.


The main person who Play vital role to carry on this conference is Mr.Feroz Memon he is basically doctor in Medicine and heart diseases

he also doing research on the heart related medicine President Pakistan Cardiac Society, Professor of Cardiology & Vice Chancellor,

The University of Modern Sciences,Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh, Pakistan

Mission of the PCS is to promote education and learning in the field of cardiovascular medicine and surgery due to the fact that academic pursuit is requirement of the day as it not only standardize the evidence based approach

Does and don’ts of the day to day management of cardiovascular problems, but allows us to keep abreast of the new techniques, advances and happenings across the globe so that we can practice them appropriately in our country.

Pakistan Cardiac Society is focused to propagate the latest advancement in different fields of cardiology through dedicated mega events of annual conference and with its collaboration other organizations with in Pakistan and abroad like American College of Cardiology

European Society of Cardiology, Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology, Saudi Cardiology Society and Emirates Society of Cardiology

There are different type of new generals and articles are to be discussed in the details,in which there is

1.American Heart Association

2.Uripon Society Of Cardiology

3.Word Heart Federation

4.American College of Cardiology

5.Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology

AFIC &NIHD History

Open Heart Surgery                                                 1970

CABG                                                                          1980

Balloon Coronary Angioplasty                               1985

EP Study> Catheter abltion                                    2001

Implantable Cardic Defibrillator                           2001

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery                                     2004

CT Angio                                                                    2001

MiniMally Invasive Cardiac surgery                     2013

24/7 Primary PCI                                                     2014

Tavi Procedure                                                        2015

EVAR Procedure                                                      2015

LAA occlusion                                                         2015

Mitra Clip                                                                2018

Pakistan Cardiology Society

Pakistan Cardiac Society war established in 1966.

The Purpose was to enhance awareness regarding prevention, early diagnosis, appropriate management and updated treatment strategies in the field of cardiology,

PCS established its first journal of cardiology in 1968 with the name of “Pakistan Heart Journal” .

PCS is a society in which all aspects of cardiology related are to be discussed and the other cardiology sequences which they have been founded in this session are to be discussed and there are all events to be important for the medical professionals.

There are many Medicine companies which are to be providing them resources to execute the activity and there are all doctor who are doing this activity are highly educated and experienced doctor in that nature and they are working on all the aspect,This event is going in November 2019 in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan

Adult Cardiology:

Professor Sohail Aziz

Professor Imran Fazal

Professor Tahir Iqbal

Professor Tariq Hussain Khattak

Professor Farhan Tuyyab

Professor Abdul Hameed Sadiqque

Professor Syed Khurram Shahzad

Professor Naseer Ahmad Samroe

Professor Sarfraz Ali Zahid

Professor Imtiaz Ahmad Khan

Professor Zahoor Aslam

Professor Nida Khan

Dr.Shahid Abbas

Dr.Ayyaz Ahmad

Dr.Mohsin Saif

Dr.Ali Nawaz Kham

Dr.Waheed Ur Rehman

Dr. Sajjad Hussain

Dr.Ghulam Rasool Makan

Dr.Muhammad Bilal Saddique

Dr Muhammad Usman

Dr Azhar Ali ch

Cardiac Electrocardiography

Pro Azmat Hayat

Dr Muhammad Shabbir

Paediatric Cardiology

Prof Khurram Akhtar

Prof Amjad Mahmood

Dr Mehboob Sultan

Dr Nadeem Sadiq

Dr Hanjra Akbar

On the behafe of all these avedences I hope you must Join It If You are a Heart Doctor.

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